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3 Hot Amazing Kitchens Ideas

Ready to give your drab, old kitchen a much-needed facelift? You’re in the right place. Take a look at these 3 hot, amazing kitchens that we have chosen from the best of the best.

Amazing Kitchens for Small Homes

amazing kitchens

The photo above is one of the amazing kitchens done by an Australian-based company. Look at how space-saving this design is. The focal point is obviously the bar-cum-kitchen counter-cum display case. Perfect for homes with limited kitchen space. Imagine yourself preparing and cooking meals as you chat with your friends and loved ones. Awesome, isn’t it?

A Kitchen with a Natural Twist

amazing kitchens

Want to get closer to nature? This log cabin inspired kitchen can take you there without leaving the heart of your home. The different types and colors of wood and natural stones are cleverly combined, giving this room depth and texture. And yes, curtains won’t do in this area as the arch-type window just above the window sink gives you a glimpse of the greenery just outside your door. a real nature-lover’s delight!

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A Fabulously Hot Kitchen

amazing kitchens

On the other hand, the photo on the right is an example of Tuscan style amazing kitchens. The absence of dividing walls makes the whole place look larger than it already is. And really, it doesn’t need walls, as the cream-colored kitchen effectively contrasts with the dark furnishings and natural stone fireplace of the living and dining areas. Bright, yellowish lights add to its total appearance, turning it into a hot, hot, hot kitchen that you will surely love.