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Small But Beautiful Master Bathroom Ideas

Anybody can have a beautiful master bathroom regardless of the size or type of a home. You just have to be creative enough to plan and execute master bathroom ideas that will add beauty and functionality to your home.

How to Create Small but Beautiful Master Bathroom Ideas Select the best window treatments and paint colors

The most important trick to maximize a small area is the way you play with light and colors. If you are fortunate enough to have large windows, use them to your advantage. Cover them with window treatments like Venetian blinds, Roman shades, glass blocks or window films. All of these window enhancers effectively block the view from the outside but still allow natural light to filter through your small bathroom.

Master Bathroom Ideas

That natural light can make your area look larger. Couple it with well-thought of color schemes and you get master bathroom ideas that are so beautiful, you and your guests can hardly take your eyes off them. To do this, you’ll need to play with your colors. Get a color wheel, choose three colors that appeal to you the most, and apply the 60-30-10 rule (60- dominant, 30- secondary, 10- accent).

Master Bathroom Ideas

Use Wall Art

And don’t forget the walls! Use bathroom wall art like mirrors on one side to create an illusion of additional space in your Master Bathroom Ideas. You can add wall decals, prints or tiles on another wall to make it look more interesting.

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No bathtubs please

Yes, bathtubs look awesome and refreshing, but they are major space-eaters which can make your small Master Bathroom Ideas tinier than ever. Settle for shower areas which can provide you with as much relaxation and refreshing experience sans the bulk. You may also want to install cabinets under your bathroom sink or just below the ceiling for your storage needs.

Master Bathroom Ideas


Yes, anyone can have beautiful master bathroom ideas even if you only have a small area. It only takes some creativity to use every available space in the wisest ways possible.