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Small Open Kitchen Design Ideas: Small in Size, Big in Function

Small Open Kitchen Design

More and more homeowners are now choosing smaller homes in metro areas over larger homes in the suburbs simply because the first offers a lot of savings, comfort and convenience. Metro homes may cost a lot initially, but in the long run, you get to save more in terms of transportation, effort, time and money.

The issue, however, is that small homes have smaller spaces, which can really hamper movement. This is especially true for the kitchen, which is the most frequented area in any home. The solution? Tear down those walls to create a Small Open Kitchen Design

Small Open Kitchen Design

The Practicality of Small Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Open Kitchen Design

small open kitchen design offers you a lot of advantages. First, of course, is having a lot of extra space which small homeowners like you really need. You can cook and prepare meals more efficiently and you’ll have no worries about elbows touching anymore.

Small Open Kitchen Design

Another plus for a small open kitchen design is that you can see everything that goes inside your house – save from the bedrooms and bathrooms, of course. This way, you can see what your kids are viewing on TV or in the net, and you can guide them with their projects and assignments as you prepare dinner. Not to mention that you’ll have less areas to decorate (walls need paint and decor, mind you).

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Neatness is the Key

Small Open Kitchen Design

There’s just one downside to a small open kitchen design. You have to keep it clean and tidy after every meal. Well, you really have to clean up after meals, don’t you? But, you have to keep it well-organized and tidy all the time. Here are a few tips to make your kitchen spotless all the time:

1. Choose easy-to-maintain materials.

2. Wipe off food, wine and oil stains immediately.

3. Sweep off dust and debris everyday.

4. Get cupboards and shelves for your pots, pans, utensils and ingredients.

Yes, a small open kitchen design has a lot of advantages. Just keep it clean and you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits for a long, long time.